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Research to Startup Seminar - Spring 2024

Guest Speakers

Nat Friedman, Robert Nishihara, Greg Papadopolous, DJ Patil, Pete Sonsini,
Aravind Srinivas


Trevor Darrell, Prabal Dutta, Ali Ghodsi, Kurt Keutzer, Andy Konwinski,
Andrew Krioukov, Ion Stoica


NOTE: Enrollment is closed and the class is full. Please do not email to ask about enrolling. Auditing is not available.

This is an in-person EECS seminar for PhD students who are interested in or currently creating startups out of research. Physical attendance is mandatory.

This class is taught by Berkeley EECS Professors and PhD alumni experienced in starting deeply technical companies around industry-defining technologies.

We will connect you to a large network of CS PhD and faculty founders and executives at dozens of unicorns, decacorns, and centicorns.

This is the third run in our Research to Startup 294 seminar series. Whereas the first 2 classes were a high-level intro to startups and a YC-inspired launchpad for students already working on startups, this course is more of a traditional reading + discussion group and guest speaker series.


This course will meet 5-6:30pm every Wednesday in 310 Soda. All communication will be done via Slack. You will be added before class starts. You may send the instructors a Slack direct message (or email if you have questions that are relevant to only you, but keep most of the communication public to the course.

Course Admission

Enrollment is closed. Class size is capped at 30 students.


  • Students must attend in-person
  • Classes will be a mix of...
    • reading-based discussion group with pre-assigned student discussion leaders
    • guest speakers
  • No project (we may have an optional project)